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Monday, June 10, 2013

Salade Nicoise

Getting ready to wrap up our cooking and lunch service for the year with Salade Nicoise.

Ahh, dreams of the south of France...sitting in a cafe by the Mediterranean or on a terrace overlooking the hills and valleys of the Alpes-Maritimes; walking winding ancients streets and alleyways-stopping from time to time just to take it all in! The sights, sounds and aromas in the air are unforgettable and unlike anywhere else on earth. This place got completely under my skin some 14 years ago; I've been back a half dozen times and long to be there every summer that I have not been. So, this summer...fingers crossed for pain bagnat on Juan les Pins plage, cafe creme at Cafe des Sports and of course, a Salade Nicoise at Cafe Midi!

(these are OUR baguettes!)

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